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Fire Safety Guidance - Part 1- Possible causes

We are going to post weekly guides that you can add to your fire safety guidance documentation, this week we are going to cover FIRE SAFETY advice.

The advice will help you and your staff prevent an outbreak of fire, avoiding injury and reducing the damage on your property.

There are many common causes of a fire, here are examples of a few of them:

Electricity – With the increasing number of electrical appliances we use in the workplace, it is key to ensure that all electrical equipment is maintained, that electrical circuits are upgraded when necessary and that an annual inspection is completed.

· Inspections should include that the wiring is safe, correct fuses are being used and comply to British standards.

· A simple check that tenants/employees should ensure is that sockets and cables are not overloaded. Ensure all items are switched off when not in use to reduce the risk.

Rubbish – It is extremely important that everyone clears away their rubbish as not only does it increase the chance of a fire occurring, but it will help it spread if left around the building. Ensure outdoor rubbish bens are not kept against the building as they can often be a target for young arsonists.

Smoking – Ensure all staff smoking areas are away from the building and away from any rubbish storage. It would be good to have a smoking guideline to cover the following:

· Empty cigarette bins daily

· Allow staff to smoke in designated areas only

· Ensure ashtrays are suitable for use and are non-combustible

Heaters – Always ensure that heaters are kept away from anything flammable and are carefully placed.

Dangerous goods – Keep all flammable liquids or gas stored in the correct place away from any heat as they could explode if they get too hot.

These are just a few examples, always complete a full risk assessment of your property to ensure you cover all aspects.

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