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Make it your new year’s resolution to improve your home security

You home is a safe place for you and your family so it is important that you feel that way. Make it your new year’s resolution to improve your security. So where to start:


These days everyone likes to have new expensive mod cons and gadgets and this increases you as a target. Thieves look out for an easy object to take, the quicker they are in and out the better. So don’t advertise what you have! Hide all packaging after purchasing don't just stick the box by the bin outside on bin day and don’t advertise your new toy on social media or leave the item on show by a window.


People automatically lock their doors when leaving the house but often forget about windows, ensure they are lockable and that nothing is in visible view for the opportunist passer-by.


Most burglars won’t use the front door to access your house as it’s usually on full view of the street and neighbours, they will usually target rear entrances. Ensure all doors have good security locks and consider a security system that informs you when a door has been opened.


If a burglar was to drive past on a cold dark evening and there are no lights on at your home, it’s a key indicator that you are not home. Some will even monitor patterns of you not being home by your lights so think about using a timer on a lamp to give the impression you are home.

Security system

There are so many benefits of having a wireless security system installed in your home. They are quicker to install and cause less damage to the building/walls so don’t ever let that put you off having on installed. Most systems now allow you to access the system remotely making it easy to see if someone has tried to access your property.

The security box alone is a deterrent to most burglars too.

If you are thinking about improving your home security this year, how about giving us a call. We can provide you with free information and a quote with no pressure to buy.

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